How to Patch The Imagined into a Loudspeaker in Sanctuary in Fortnite

How to Patch The Imagined into a Loudspeaker in Sanctuary in Fortnite

Fortnite has added Resistance Week 10 Quests. Players must Patch the Imagined to create a Loudspeaker within the Sanctuary. As the two forces are preparing to confront each other, the war between the Imagined Or and the Seven is nearing its climax. To start this Quest, players will need to complete Resistance Week 9 Quests and then set up the device uplink close to the Sanctuary POI.

How to Make the Imagined into a Loudspeaker at Sanctuary

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After setting up a device link at one of three hologram communicators in the Sanctuary players can start to search for Loudspeakers. These are attached to large grey metal posts. To locate the Loudspeakers, you can follow yellow circles on the map referenced above.

To complete the Quest players will just need to stand in front a Loudspeaker and press the interact button (E or Keyboard, Square or console). After completing the Quest, you will receive 23,000 XP. The Seven troops receive a clear message from the Imagined, and it is safe to assume that the Paradigm plays a significant role in the coming war.

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There are three uplinks for devices around the Sanctuary. To locate one of these uplinks, players can follow the yellow lines on the map. To establish device uplink, simply move towards the hologram communication station. After you’ve completed the Quest, go to the Command Cavern and establish the device-uplink for the next challenge.

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