How to mark weapons of different rarities in Fortnite

How to mark weapons of different rarities in Fortnite

Fortnite boasts seven unique weapon rarities. These rareities are: Common (gray), Uncommon(green), Rare (blue), Epic [Purple], Legendary (Orange], Exotic (Gold), Mythic (“Light Blue”) These rarities are easy to spot in the game. It is slightly more difficult to locate the three remaining rarities.

All you have to do to mark any weapon is to point at it and then press the default keybind that’s used to mark an object. The default keybind for PCs is the middle mouse button. For consoles, the default keybind is the left button of the D-Pad.

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Fortnite: Where can you find weapons of different rarities?

You can find rare, common and uncommon weapons on the island as floor loot. Only chests and supply drop weapons can contain Epic rarities. You can also upgrade weapons of Rare rarity and make them Epic at an upgrade bench.

A few NPCs are hostile, such as Dr Slone or Gunnar. If you want to get their weapons, you will need to defeat them. Legendary rarity weapons are the only ones they will drop. It is possible to get Legendary rarity weapons through supply drops. Exotics and Mythics can be purchased by going to NPC vendors located on the map. Once you have located these weapons, you can simply point at them to mark. Good luck, looper.

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