How to make TNT in Minecraft

How to make TNT in Minecraft

TNT is a block that can be used in many different ways. The name refers to the fact that the block acts as a TNT, and can be used to clear large areas of blocks. The blast also causes severe physical injury to all living things within its radius. To make a TNT in Minecraft, you will need some sand, gunpowder, and a 3×3 crafting table to create it. 

Ingredients for TNT In Minecraft 

You will need these three items to create a TNT in Minecraft, as mentioned previously.

  • Sand – They are one of the most common items in Minecraft. You can identify any sand blocks by their light yellow appearance. To collect some sand blocks, visit any water bodies near your surroundings.

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  • Gunpowder –  The second ingredient for making TNT is Gunpowder. Gunpowder, unlike sand blocks is more difficult to find. The best way to get gunpowder is to kill some Creepers, Ghast, or Witch monster roaming near your base. They can drop anywhere from 0 to 2 blocks of gunpowder. Here’s a detailed guide if you still have questions. finding gunpowders in Minecraft.

Minecraft: Making a TNT

After procuring the required materials, craft a TNT from a 3×3 crafting table using the following formation.

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You will exactly need five blocks of gunpowder and four blocks of sand to craft one block of TNT. 

If you don’t own a 3×3 crafting desk, you can make one using any four wood planks.

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Is TNT possible to find in Minecraft naturally?

Yes, you can find TNT in Minecraft. They are extremely rare and can only be found in abandoned chest boxes or ships that have been destroyed. It is possible to create TNT using the recipe.

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To make a TNT work, you must detonate it. The safest way to detonate any TNT is to use any lever signals.

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