How to make Shears in Minecraft

How to make Shears in Minecraft

In Minecraft, shears can be very helpful, especially when you’re trying to get wool from sheep. This underutilized tool has other uses, too. This guide will walk you through the steps of making shears in Minecraft.

How to create a Compass

You will need to be there on time 5 minutes.

You will only need two iron bars to make shears in Minecraft. Although they are easy to find, you may need to do some digging.

  • Obtain Iron Ore

    Iron ore is what we will need. It can be found almost anywhere there is stone to mine. You can find it in caves or ravines. You might also see it on the side of a hill or mountain. It might be hidden in a hillside or mountain. You can try mining your way down to find it. This is one the most common ores that you’ll find in the game.

  • Iron Ingots

    Once we have iron ore, it is time to make iron ingotd. This requires the use a furnace! You will need one of these, as well as any fuel you choose. Your iron ore should be at the top, and your fuel should be at the bottom. To make the shears, you will need two!

  • Make the shears

    Now that we have our iron bars, let’s throw them in the Crafting Table or craft area of our inventory. Make the shears by placing each iron bar diagonally next to each other.Crafting recipe for shearsCrafting recipe for shears

  • You now have some shears and can go out to collect wool from sheep that can be used for your project. make the all important bed! It is possible to use shears for picking up objects that are likely to break into other materials. You can harvest cobwebs and dead bushes, ferns or seagrass with shears.

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