How to make Scaffolding in Minecraft

How to make Scaffolding in Minecraft

One of the most exciting activities is building in Minecraft. You need to be creative and have many ideas in order to make amazing structures, or replicate real-life buildings and monuments. Scaffolding is a key component for every builder.

To make scaffolding you will need six pieces bamboo and one string, as per the recipe. You will need to hunt spiders or remove their webs in order to obtain a string. You can also trade for them or give them as a gift to a cat.

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The Jungle Biome is home to bamboo. To get the drop, you can break bamboo with any object. However, if you have an Axe and a Sword, the process is much quicker.

Once you have all the ingredients, you can make your scaffolding by placing the bamboo vertically on opposite sides of your crafting table and string at the top. This recipe calls for a 3×3 crafting table.

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