How to make potions in Minecraft

How to make potions in Minecraft

The best tools for Minecraft players are the potions. These potions can be very useful in surviving late-game encounters or used to attack and defend in PVP situations. How do you make potions in Minecraft?

All Minecraft potions can be brewed at the stand. There are many recipes for Minecraft potions, but all of them start in the same way. A brewing stand is a structure made with three stones and an blaze rod. The brewing stand is where the potions are brewed, while the cauldron holds the water.

All potions begin with a glass of water. So you’ll need plenty if you’re getting ready to brew. You’ll also need Blaze Powder to fuel the brewing process. After this you’ll need to gather ingredients and start the process of brewing.

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Minecraft potions 101

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All potions begin with a base ingredient. Most often, this is Netherwart which, when combined with water, makes Awkward Potions.

You can modify any Awkward Potions you already have to add an effect using a modification ingredient. You can make healing potions with Glistening Melons or potions of strength with Blaze Powder.

These ingredients can be used to enhance the potions. A potion can be made a splash by adding gunpowder. Glowstone dust can increase the intensity of effects and redstone makes potions more durable. You can also reverse the effects potions have by adding fermented Spider eyes. 

Essential Brewing Equipment

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Blaze Rods & Blaze Powder – Besides being needed to make your brewing stand, you need blaze powder to fuel every potion creation.

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Water Buckets, Glass Bottles & Glass Water Bottle – Water is the essential base to every potion

Nether Wart – Awkward potions are made of nether wart and are the base of almost all status-effect potions.

Spider Eyes are needed for making potions that have a negative effect or to ferment potions that will reverse the effects.

Now that you are a novice potion maker, it’s time to get started. How to make a Splash Potion of Weakness in