How to make pink dye in Minecraft

How to make pink dye in Minecraft

To make pink dye in Minecraft, you will need to either use a Pink Tulip, a Peony or combine both a red and white dye inside any space of a crafting table.

  • Pink Tulip
  • Peony
  • Red Dye
  • White Dye

You can use either one of these materials to make dye. It all depends on what you have available. The materials are all easy to find. 

A pink tulip, for example, can be found in a plains and flower forest biome. The Peony, on the other hand, can be found within most flower forest biomes.

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You will need to gather both the red and white dye materials first, before you can mix them together to make pink dye. 

You will need either bonemeal, or a Lilly-of-the Valley to make white dye. However, you’ll need one of the following materials to make red dye: 

  • Beetroot: You can find beetroots in both desert and forest village farms.
  • Rose Bush: Roses can be found growing in the forest biome.
  • Red Tulip: All tulips can be harvested from flower forest and plains biomes
  • Poppy: To get poppies, you can either kill golems or find them growing in most biomes.

After you’ve gathered the materials, place them on a craft table. Next, add the red dye and white dye to make it a pink dye. 

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