How to make Obsidian in Minecraft

How to make Obsidian in Minecraft

Obsidian, a valuable resource that is rare and very useful, will be a resource you need at some time. Minecraft. How about an enchanting, table that takes you to the Nether? You will need some obsidian, I fear. This guide will help you make obsidian in Minecraft. 

How to get Obsidian from Minecraft 

It is easy to get obsidian, and use it to create Minecraft. All you have to do to get it is to find some lava and pour water on it. You will get obsidian blocks by doing this. After the obsidian block is made, all that’s left to do is mine them with at most a diamond or netherite. Pickaxe

The netherite is more difficult to find and requires additional steps to obtain, so we recommend a diamond pickaxe. You can use a diamond pickaxe to find diamonds. Simply dig to a depth of 5-15 feet. 

After that, you can take the lava back to your base. Next, find your crafting table and create a pickaxe as usual but with diamond blocks. We recommend making a water container with the following pattern so that you can transport water wherever there is lava. To make a bucket you’ll need three iron ingots. Iron ingots can be made by melting iron ore.

But, once you get them both, it’s a good thing. pickaxeWith a bucket and some patience, you can find lava underground or around mountains on the surface. Obsidian can be found spawning in if you are looking for it as loot. chestsYou can find them in the following locations.

  • Villages –Obsidian can be found in the village’s weaponsmith’s box.
  • Portal Ruined – Can be found in a standard chest around the portal.
  • Nether Fortress – Spawns as loot in regular chests in the forts.
  • Bastion Remnants – Can be found as loot in wooden chests.
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