How to make Fragrant Seasonings & Dishes at the Genshin Impact Spices from West event

How to make Fragrant Seasonings & Dishes at the Genshin Impact Spices from West event

Genshin Impact’s Spices from the West Event introduces the Traveler To Nazafarin. He’s a Sumeru researcher who is helping a friend make a Seasoning that will bring joy to the entire world. The event will run from From May 14th, 2022 to July 7th, 2022All players are welcome to play in the. Adventure rank 28 and higherWho has completed the quest called Idle Teapot Talk.

All players who are eligible will automatically be entitled to the Event Quest. A Visitor from Westward Realms. Follow the quest guide and speak to Nazafarin to start making Seasonings.

How to make Seasonings at the Genshin Impact Spices from the West Event

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Click on Event DetailsAccess all Seasoning Recipes will be made available to you over the course of the event. Click on a Recipe to access all the ingredients. Cook To make Seasonings. To get Primogem rewards, you’ll need all of the Recipes. You can find all the ingredients at General Stores and overworld.

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Play the mini-game of cooking by paying attention to theIngredient highlighted at the top. This is the name of the ingredient you will need to add to the pot.

TheVertical barThe bottom of your screen will continue to move left and right. Once it has been activated, the screen will continue to move left and right. aligns Once you have selected the appropriate ingredient from the gauge, press the spacebar (or the button on mobile or PlayStation) to add it to the pot.

Keep going until the mini game ends. Be careful! Seven spoonsYour number of “lives” is indicated at the bottom. Each time the vertical bar passes the wrong ingredient, One spoon will go.. Even if the ingredient isn’t in the pot, this will occur. The game will end when all the spoons have been used up.

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Avoid failing the mini-game. Make sure you capture the ingredients that you need as soon the bar aligns with the corresponding gauges. You can always try again if you fail.

How to make Fragrant Dishes at the Genshin Impact Spices from the West

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Click on the link to view the event menu Seasoning is a good idea You can make dishes with the Fragrant Seasonings that you have obtained from the mini-game. If you have any Fragrant Seasonings, you can only create Fragrant Dishes DeliciousYou can choose to make dishes from the wide range of choices. You can make delicious dishes by perfecting the cooking of a dish.

At the bottom you will see the cost of each Seasoning. The number of Seasonings used will determine how many Fragrant Dishes you receive. However, the Extra Dishes are chosen randomly.

If you make a delicious jewelry soup with two Fragrant Seasonings you might end up making one Fragrant Jewelry Soup, and one Fragrant Roe Tofu. This allows you make dishes for recipes that you don’t have.

Fragrant Dishes are possible to be given Companions in Serenitea Pot To unlock voice lines and get Companionship EXP (three per Seasoning Recipe) Until further notice, the Serenitea Pot maintenance continues so you cannot give the dishes to any characters.

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