Roblox Wacky Wizards has a potion that allows players to transform their arms into many DaBaby heads. DaBaby is the well-known rapper behind popular tracks such as “Suge,” ROCKSTAR” and “BOP”. He has also made quite a name for itself within the meme community. It takes only a few steps to make the DaBaby Arms potions.

Requirements Potions

#PotionRecipe17Identity TheftYou 22Shrink RayChameleon + Fairy115Letss-gooooChameleon + Pool Noodle + You

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How to make DaBaby Arms Potion in Roblox Wacky Magics

Brew a Shrink Ray potention

First, players must make a Shrink Ray potions. This potion is necessary to place yourself in the cauldron to receive the You ingredient. It is one-third the DaBaby Arms recipe. Place one Chameleon (or Fairy) into the cauldron to make a Shrink Ray potion. Take the Shrink Ray potion and place it in the cauldron.

The Shrink Ray potion can be placed on the ground after you have picked it up. You will need to drain the entire contents of the cauldron by pressing Drain on the large potion books next to the cauldron.

Make a Letss-goooo potion

The Letss-goooo potion, appropriately named, is a potion that gives the player DaBaby Arms. You will need to place one Chameleon into the pot and one Pool Noodle in the pan. Next, grab the Shrink Ray potion. Drink the Shrink Ray potion while you are atop the cauldron. The Shrink Ray potion will cause you to shrink and then fall into the cauldron. This completes the DaBaby Arms potention.

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It’s that simple! Once the potion is brewed, take the Letss-goooo potion out of the cauldron. You can then drink it to make DaBaby Arms.

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