How to make Cyan Dye in Minecraft

How to make Cyan Dye in Minecraft

Cyan dye can be made in Minecraft by making green and blue dyes and then combining them inside a crafting board. 

You can start with green dye and then make it with cactus block, which can be found in the desert biomes of the game. Cactus block can be broken using an axe tool, or your fists. But you will suffer damage, so it is best to use a tool. 

Once the cactus blocks have been broken, you can take them back to your furnace and heat some coal to melt them. The cactus blocks will eventually melt into the green dye that you need to make the Minecraft cyan dye recipe. 

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Blue dye will be next. This is easy. The only thing you need are the two listed items.

  • Cornflower: To get cornflowers, you will need to search forest and plains biomes in the game.
  • Lapis Lazuli: In order to obtain Lapis Lazuli you must first mine lapis ore and then melt it in a furnace. 

You can make a blue dye from cornflowers and lapis lazuli by placing one of these materials in a crafting table. 

Once you have both blue and green dye, you can follow this recipe to make cyan dye for Minecraft.

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