Chain armor, a medium-tier armor in Minecraft, can provide more protection than either leather or gold armor. But it’s not clear how to make it. We will show you how to make Chain armor in Minecraft.

How to Trade in Minecraft to Get Chainmail Armor

Chainmail armor cannot be made, but can still be obtained by trading with NPCs, or as a rare drop from Zombies or Skeletons. You can learn more about both.

NPCs can trade Chainmail armor if you have emeralds. You’ll need to find an NPC, wandering merchant or NPC that sells it. You can also find them underground in Extreme hills biomes if you don’t own any emeralds. However, mining them is not the best option as they are rare. It is recommended that you check the following chests.

  • Ruins
  • Villages
  • Igloos
  • Shipwrecks
  • Temples (Jungle, Desert)
  • Cities that End

How to get Chainmail armor in mobs

The other is also equally rare, but it’s a little easier to find one when you consider that the armor must be worn by a mob. If you have a mob farm that is either for Skeletons or Zombies you will have a much easier time finding one with the armor. 

You only have a very small chance of getting the chainmail armor from a mob. If you have Iron armor, you can throw it at the mob and get the Chainmail armor.

These are the only two methods to obtain Chainmail armor. However, it’s worth noting you can make Iron armor as it’s easier and more powerful than Chainmail armor.

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