How to make Blue Dye in Minecraft

How to make Blue Dye in Minecraft

Blue dye can be made in Minecraft by gathering one of two materials and placing them in a crafting area.

Both cornflowers as well as lapis lazuli are required to make blue-colored dye. The best places to find cornflowers are the plains or flower forest. One cornflower will yield you one blue dye.

Lapis lazuli can only be obtained if you dig deep underground. You should get four to eight blocks of lapis lazuli by doing this. Enchanting your pickaxe with fortune can help you get more of the resource.

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You can actually get 32 lapis li per block if you get fortune 3. We highly recommend that you do this before you try to farm lapis li.

Once you have enough of the resource, it is possible to make blue dye. Simply place one in a craft table.

Once you have made blue dye, you can make many other items, such as blue terracotta and blue dye wool.

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