How to make Barrels in Minecraft

How to make Barrels in Minecraft

In MinecraftYou will eventually run out of storage space for all the items you collect during playthrough. Luckily, you can solve this problem with a few barrels. 

How to make Java Minecraft Barrels

To make a barrel inside Minecraft, You will need two wood slabs and wood planks to make a crafting table. The six wood planks will be used to fill the slots at the top and bottom. You will then need to place two wood slabs in the middle and bottom spaces. Check out our image for an example of how to arrange this pattern. 

Before you can make barrels Minecraft, You will need to gather all the necessary materials to make them. Let’s begin with wood planks. They are the easiest block to make. All you have to do to make wood planks is find a tree, and then chop it with an ax. After you have cut down the tree, you’ll be left with wood logs. You can then take the logs to your crafting table and place them in the appropriate slot. Then you can start making wood planks. 

You will need wood slabs once you have gathered some planks. You can now create the barrel by following the instructions in this guide. Minecraft

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How to make Barrels in Bedrock Minecraft

The bedrock edition allows you to make barrels, but the wood planks are replaced with sticks. The pattern below will show you how to make sticks from wood planks. 

After you have crafted the sticks, place them in exactly the same spot where the wood planks are, as shown in this image. 

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