How to Make and Use an Item Frame in Minecraft

How to Make and Use an Item Frame in Minecraft

Minecraft 1.4 was released in 2012 with the addition of item frames! While they have seen many changes over time, the basic function has remained the same. They display items that have been placed in them as their primary function. This is used by players to indicate what materials are inside a chest, decorate their in-game homes, and even to provide clues on Adventure maps. We’ll show you how to make them and explain their functions.

How to Make an Item Frame in Minecraft

Survival is one of the lesser-used items, as they don’t provide any survival substance. At least that was until maps could be put into them. A map that’s at least partially completed can be displayed on a wall. Now they’re a little more interesting to Survival gamers. Let’s begin by showing you how to make them.


The basic resources required to create an item frame are readily available in the early stages of the game. Below is a list of the items required to create one.

  • 1 x Leather
  • 8 x Sticks

Below is an example of how to place items on a crafting table.

The Item Frame recipe in Minecraft.The Item Frame recipe in Minecraft.


These types of blocks can have item frames placed along their sides:

  • Pressure Plates
  • Fences
  • Chests
  • Doors
  • All solid blocks

Once the Item Frame is placed, you can use it to display any item by holding the item in your character’s hand and using the item on the Item Frame. The frame will display the item in miniature and remove it from your inventory.

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A chestplate in an Item Frame.A chestplate in an Item Frame.

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Item Frames display all maps in them and not just the drop. Multiple maps can be placed on an Item Frame wall to show large sections of Minecraft’s world.

Several maps on display in item frames.Several maps on display in item frames.


Rotate the Item Frame objects. To turn the object 45°, use the secondary action button. You can choose from eight orientations.

A rotated chestplate in an ITem Frame.A rotated chestplate in an ITem Frame.

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