How to Make and Use a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft

How to Make and Use a Redstone Repeater in Minecraft

Redstone Repeaters in Minecraft are essential for larger builds. They extend the reach of any Redstone signal by 14 blocks, and add a minimum of one Minecraft tick (which in real-time is one-sixteenth of a second). This is the best way to expand your Redstone build and makes it easier and more readable. Barish is always there to help.

How to make and use a Redstone Repeater for Minecraft

You’ll need these items before you can start:

  • One crafting table
  • One Redstone Dust
  • Two Redstone Torches
  • Three Stone blocks (NOT cobblestone!)

Once you have everything you need, you are ready to go. It takes only a few seconds.

Step 1: Open a Crafting table

A Crafting Table ready for Redstone crafting.A Crafting Table ready for Redstone crafting.

This will require you to use a crafting section measuring 3×2. You’ll also need to open your crafting table. You should always keep a Crafting Table with you when you are in Survival Mode. This will allow you to quickly craft anything.

Step 2: Incorporate the recipe

The crafting recipe for a Redstone Repeater.The crafting recipe for a Redstone Repeater.

Above is the Redstone Repeater’s recipe. There are three blocks of stone at the bottom. Next, you need to place one piece of Redstone Dust between two Redstone Torches. This could be done in two to three seconds if you click fast enough. Barish did it in one second. That’s amazing!

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Step 3: Put Where It’s Necessary

A signal not reaching a piston.A signal not reaching a piston.

Here it becomes a little more complicated, but not too difficult. The main purpose of the Redstone Repeater, as mentioned above, is to extend your Redstone signal in a most efficient manner. A signal can only go through 14 blocks before it loses power. Any further than that and you will need a Repeater. The signal can pass 14 blocks of Redstone Dust, but it stops short of the Piston and does not power it up. But, take a look at the next photo!

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Barish on a piston powered by Redstone.Barish on a piston powered by Redstone.

That’s amazing! This Redstone signal is now easily reaching the Piston, and powers it. All this while adding only one Minecraft tick.

Step 4: Set the signal speed

Adjusting the Redston Repeater.Adjusting the Redston Repeater.

The Redstone Repeater is a great tool to speed up the signal. The Redstone Repeater can be repositioned by right-clicking. It will change the position of the notch from one to four, and add between one and four Minecraft ticks per second to the signal speed. You’ll be able to see that the Redstone Repeater’s longest time adding to the signal speed is only one-fourth of an second. This is very helpful for Redstone Engineers who have to make multiple signal sources do different things.

That’s it! You’re done. Now you know how to craft and use Redstone Repeaters. You can see the creations of other players, or create your own. Redstone is capable of amazing feats. also offers other guides to crafting tools! Crafting tools is possible with! Smithing TableYou can also make some useful items. Armor!