How to make and use a Dispenser in Minecraft

How to make and use a Dispenser in Minecraft

To make a dispenser in Minecraft, you will need to gather seven cobblestone blocks, one redstone dust, a bow and place them in the following pattern below inside a crafting table. 

This recipe requires both cobblestone as well as redstone. It’s easy to obtain them. Cobblestone can be obtained by mining stone blocks or redstone from mining below levels 63 to 15. To make the bow, you’ll need three sticks and three string. 

After you have done that, you can place all the items in the above image to make a dispenser in Minecraft. But what are you going to use your dispenser for? 

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It can be used in redstone creations to quickly dispense items, and also serves a similar function to the dropper. 

It will only dispense items, and not dump buckets of water or lava. Dispensers can also be used to create arrow traps. These dispensers can often be found in dungeons that have been set up. Tripwire hooks are required to make an arrow trap.

The tripwire hooks should be placed in the dispenser. Redstone will then be dangled from the dispenser. If someone triggers it, an arrow should fly their direction.

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