How to make an Iron Golem in Minecraft

How to make an Iron Golem in Minecraft

Iron golems act as silent protectors for Minecraft You can craft villages if the steps are followed. 

How to make an Iron Golem from Minecraft

How to make an iron golem Minecraft, You will need four iron blocks, one jack-o’ lantern or a carved pumpkin that is placed in a T shape and the pumpkin on top. Place two iron blocks on top of the ground. Next, place the remaining two iron blocks on each side and right of the top iron block. Place the iron blocks on the ground. After that, place the carved pumpkin and/or jack o lantern on the top block. The iron will move around once you have done this.

You will need these items before you can create an iron golem. Iron ingots are the iron ore that is melted in a furnace to make iron blocks. There will be 36 iron ingots total. We recommend that you search and mine at the top of any cave or cavern to find iron as it tends to spawn underground at all levels. Once you have gathered enough ingots, place them in a crafting table. 

Fill all the slots on a crafting table. You’ll also need to repeat this four times. Make sure you have plenty of iron. Next, you’ll need to find some pumpkins. You can find them in both extreme hills and plains biomes.

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Once you have found a pumpkin to pick, either walk up or use a punch to get it. Keep reading to learn how to make a Jack o’ Lantern. To begin, you’ll need a pair shears before you can make your jack o’ lantern.

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After you’ve made the shears, place your pumpkin on the ground. Then right-click with the shears. This will transform the pumpkin into a carve pumpkin. As shown below, pick up the carved Pumpkin and return it to a crafting table. Place it inside using one torch. 

If you don’t know how you can make torches, you could use the same design but with coal and sticks. After you have assembled all the materials required, follow these steps to make an iron golem.

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