How to make an Iron Farm in Minecraft

How to make an Iron Farm in Minecraft

Iron is one the most essential materials in Minecraft. Iron is an important material in Minecraft. It can be used to make weapons and tools as well as some other essential items like buckets and cauldrons.

It is in your best interests to obtain as much iron as you can. Iron farms are a faster way to get iron than mining or smelting it.

Minecraft: The Basics of Iron Farming

Iron Golems can be killed to quickly obtain iron. Iron Golems are extremely difficult to kill and drop between 3-5 Iron Ingots every day. That process will be automated with the iron farm.

Iron Golems spawn only when a Villager is in trouble (sees an enemy mob) or if there’s no Iron Golem left alive within 16 blocks. Each 30 second, they can create a new Iron Golem. We can therefore create an iron factory.

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Building the Iron Farm

You will need an Iron Golem farmer by first creating a zombie, helmet, boat and name tag. To begin, give the helmet to the Zombie. Once it has picked it up, it will equip the item. 

Next, lure the Zombie onto the boat and trap it. Then transport it to your iron farm. Add a name and a tag to the Zombie. The name tag and helmet will protect your Zombie from sunburn, while the name tag will prevent it despawning.

Next, trap the Zombie on an eight-block high platform. To push the Zombie to his place, I used a minecart and then trapped him with blocks. This height is necessary to prevent Iron Golems spawning below the farm.

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Gathering Villagers is the next step. I collected four Villagers for my example build. I used boats and minecarts to transport them, similar to the Zombie. They are placed within eight blocks from the Zombie. They are able to see the Zombie from within eight blocks and begin the spawning Iron Golems.

The Iron Golem Killer

Place platform over Villagers and Zombie. This is the place where Iron Golems will have to spawn. To stop them from fleeing, water and fences can be used. Then let them slide down to a “lava knife”.

Placing signs over an opening creates a lava blade. Iron Golem and lava will not pass through the signs. The Iron Golem is smashed by the lava and drops its iron ingots. Your iron farm is complete when you place hoppers connected to chests below the sign layer.

Advanced Concepts for Iron Farming

Iron Golems can’t spawn on minecart tracks so place tracks to prevent Iron Golem escapes.

Iron Golems also drop iron ingots. You might consider adding an item sorter to your system to avoid becoming overwhelmed by poppies.

It is hard work to build an Iron Farm in Minecraft. PGG’s are great! Minecraft Food Tier ListTo satisfy your hunger.