How to make an Ice Bomb in Minecraft Education Edition?

How to make an Ice Bomb in Minecraft Education Edition?

A total of four Sodium Acetate will be required to create an Ice Bomb in Minecraft.

To obtain Sodium Acetate, players must grab an element creator and create the following elements. 

  • Two Carbon
  • Three Hydrogen
  • One Sodium
  • Two Oxygen

All four elements can be made by the element constructor. You need to have both education mode and creative mode enabled. 

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Carbon can be made with six protons and six electrons. You can also make it with up to five or eight neutrons. While you are in the element builder, place all these particles into the slots to the left. You can also refer below to see the instructions.

Once you have at least two Carbons, you can move on to the elements that you will need for Sodium Acetate. To make Hydrogen you’ll need one electron, one proton and one or two neutrons.

Hydrogen is the next step. Sodium needs 11 protons and 11 electrons. It can also require up to 11 or thirteen neutrons.

Eight protons, eight electrons and eight to ten neutrons are required for Oxygen, the last element. Once you have the four materials you will be able make Sodium Acetate.

For an Ice Bomb to be made, it takes at least four units Sodium Acetate. You will therefore need at minimum eight Carbon, 12 Hydrogen and four Sodium Acetate. 

After you have made at most four Sodium Acetates, place them all on your lab table.

Click on combine to create an Ice Bomb in Minecraft Education Edition. This Ice Bomb can be used to freeze any water source within Minecraft Education Edition when it is thrown.

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