How to make an Ender Chest in Minecraft

How to make an Ender Chest in Minecraft

In Minecraft, The inventory space of the player is limited. Therefore, they must build chests. But, if you make an end chest, you can bring the entire inventory of the chest with you. 

How to make a Minecraft ender chest

To make a ender chest MinecraftYou will need six obsidian, one eye of ender and one place them inside a crafting table. The six obsidian must be placed in each crafting table slot, except the middle. In the middle space you will need the eye of the ender. Check out the image below to see an example of where the items should be placed on the crafting table.

How to make an Ender Chest in MinecraftHow to make an Ender Chest in Minecraft

We’ll show you how to make an ender-chest if you don’t have the necessary materials. how to get obsidian. Obsidian mining is not difficult. Obsidian is usually made by you finding it underground or around mountains. After you have found the lava, pour water over it to make obsidian blocks. Once it has turned into obsidian, all you have to do is mine it using a diamond pickaxe.

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Obsidian is the first step. You will then need an eye for ender. This requires enders pearls as well as blaze powder. Hunt Endermen to get ender pearls. They will drop a pearl on your death. To get blaze powder you must first hunt Endermen. blazesThese are located in the nether, within large nether fortresses. 

After their death, blazes will give you a blaze rod. To make blaze powder, you’ll need blazerods. To make blaze powder, you simply need to place the blaze rods anywhere on a crafting table. After you have both blaze powder & ender pearls, the next step is to make the eye-catching ender look with the below recipe pattern.

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Once you have made the eye of the ender, return to this guide and follow our recipe at the beginning of the guide to create an ender chest. 

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