How to make an End Portal in creative Minecraft

June 22, 2022 Off By

If you’re struggling to defeat the Ender Dragon in Survival mode, it might help to explore The End without the threat of death. It is possible. This guide will help you create an End Portal anywhere within the Overworld. Simply enter Creative Mode. 

Building the End Portal

Once you’re in creative Minecraft, locate a spot where it is easy to build your End Portal. It can be built anywhere as long as space permits.

First, you will need the End Portal. Open your Inventory. Click the Search Items tab located at the top right hand corner of your Inventory. Search for End Portal FrameEquip it to one slot. The End Portal Frame can also be found in Decoration Blocks. It is the top tab of your Inventory.

The End Portal is basically A ring of 3 blocks per side. The portal should be possible to be built while standing still, and then rotate to create the 4 sides. Start by building the portal. Place 3 End Portal Frames adjacent to each otherLike the image above.

To construct the second side, place 3 additional end frames in a straightline. You will notice that there is one space between the sides. See the picture.

To construct the third side, turn around and place three more end frames along a straight line. Don’t forget to leave a space. See the picture.

To complete the connection, place the 3 remaining end frames. For the complete frame, see the image above.

Activating the End Portal

You’ll need 12 Eyes Of Ender to activate the End Portal. Open your Inventory and search for “Eye of Ender.” Equip this item. 

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Place each Eye of Ender inside an End Portal Frame. Be sure to stand outside of the frame while you insert the Eyes of Ender. You will teleport to End if you are standing inside the End Portal activation. The final Eye of Ender will activate. activate the End Portal. 

And that’s all there is to it! The End is now possible without worrying about the Ender Dragons or evil Endermen. You can now equip any item from your inventory, so you can experiment with strategies to make Survival Mode more secure against the Ender Dragon. This is it!