How to make an Axe in Minecraft

How to make an Axe in Minecraft

An axe is a basic tool that you should have in Minecraft. These axes can be used to cut down trees but also deal more damage per target than a sword. We’ll show you how to create an Axe in Minecraft.

How to Make an Axe

It takes time: 5 minutes.

We will need some wood to make an Axe in Minecraft. In the following steps, we’ll show how to do it.

  • Punch Some Trees

    Assuming that we don’t have an axe at the moment, then we’ll need to punch a trunk! Simply go to any tree and begin punching the trunk. Once you have hit it enough you will receive a wood log. You should get at least three!

  • Wood Planks

    Open your inventory and place the logs in the crafting area. Each log will produce four planks. We’ll need nine total.

  • Create a crafting table

    Four of your planks should be used to fill up your crafting space. This will allow us to create a Crafting Table!

  • Sticks

    We’ll now move to two sticks. Place two wooden planks in your Crafting table or craft area. To get four sticks, stack the planks on top each other!Crafting recipe for sticksCrafting recipe for sticks

  • The Axe

    Now that we have all the ingredients, we can just put them together. Place your Crafting Table somewhere on the ground if you have not already. Place two sticks from the bottom to the middle on the Crafting Table. Next, take three wooden planks and place them in the order shown in this image.Crafting recipe for axeCrafting recipe for axe

  • You now know everything you need for a basic wooden-axe. You can make better versions of the same recipe by using iron bars or cobblestone instead.

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