Automatic farming is an efficient way for users to grow their inventory and continue developing their ever-growing homestead passively—this is especially the case in the sandbox style Roblox experience Islands.

To make resource collection more efficient, you can create many types of automated farms. One of these is to farm iron. This guide will show you how to create an automatic iron farm, and how much it will cost.


Before you start building your iron farm, it is important to make sure you have the following items:

  • A workbench of at least Tier Three
  • Multiple conveyor belts
  • Three iron smelters
  • Glass
  • An industrial chest
  • Iron totems

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Getting Started

  • You can designate a specific plot of land as your farm site.
  • Your three smelters should be placed on your plot.
    • You should ensure that they are at the least three blocks from one another and face in the same direction.
  • Three lines of conveyor belts should be created that pass through each smelter, and then meet at the middle.
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  • At the end of where your conveyor belts meet, place an industrial chest or whatever storage system works best for you.
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  • CreateAnd add a glass pane to hover between the area where the two horizontal conveyor ramps face each other.
    • This will stop the iron from bumping into each other and clogging the conveyer or bouncing off of it. created the image
  • Place as many iron totems as you can fit along the conveyor belt before the smelter.
    • The player can purchase iron totems for 4,000 coins from Arius. created the image
  • Iron totems will begin to spawn iron ore and drop it along your conveyor belt.
  • If it is done correctly, iron ore will ride the conveyer belt to the smelter, then turn to iron and continue riding the conveyer until reaching the industrial chest you have placed at the end.
  • Take your iron out of the chest.
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That’s it! This should be enough to have an automatic iron farm that is fully functional. We recommend watching the video for a more thorough explanation. tutorial created by YouTuber Carbon Meister Plays.

You can find more Roblox Islands content at the following link: guides and updated are often referenced!


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