How to make a teleporter using command blocks in Minecraft

How to make a teleporter using command blocks in Minecraft

Command Blocks are essential blocks in Minecraft for creators. They allow you to adjust the map in ways you can’t do in Survival mode. The Command Block can be used to create a Teleporter that allows you to transfer players from one place to another.

How to Make a Teleporter

This task is very easy and only requires a few blocks. You first need to get the required resources.

  • 1 x Button, 1 x Pressure Plate
  • 1 x Command block
  • Building Blocks (any)

Block Placement

Depending on whether you’re using a Pressure Plate, or a Button to place the blocks, there are different ways you can place them. The image on the left shows how to place blocks using a Button. If you use a Pressure Plate, the image on the right shows how to place them.

Screenshot by

It doesn’t really matter where the building blocks are placed, but it does matter where the activating blocks (Button, Pressure Plate or Command Block) are. The design can be modified to suit your building’s aesthetic.

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Setting the Command Block

You can set a simple command for teleportation in the Command Block. The Command Block edit menu will open and you can enter the following command.

/teleport @s [destination]

You can use several variables here. You can replace @s here with another variable that selects which players will be teleported. These are just a few examples:

  • @a – Chooses all living players
  • @s – Selects the player who executed the command (activated Block Command)
  • @e – Selects all entities
  • @r – Chooses random players
  • @p – Selects the closest player to the Command Block
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You can also choose your own choice for the [destination]The command. In general, players will specify the destination and coordinates to which they wish to teleport their player. It can be used to teleport a player to another player by typing here a username.

Here’s an example of the complete command as it was intended to be used:

/teleport @s 100 75 100

Once you have set the Command Block, every time someone presses Pressure Plate or Button, they will be teleported there.

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