Minecraft: How to make a Stonecutter

Minecraft: How to make a Stonecutter

You may find yourself doing quite some stonework in Minecraft. You might find yourself doing a lot of stonework in Minecraft. If so, you will be pleased to know that the stonecutter can make it easier. This tool is a great way to get precise amounts of what you need and it only takes one resource. In this step-by–step guide, we’ll show you how to make a Minecraft stonecutter.

Stonecutters are available in any version of the game: PE, PS4, PC PC, iOS or Nintendo Switch.

How to make a stonecutter

You will need to be there on time 5 minutes.

One iron ingot and three stones are all you need to create a Stonecutter in Minecraft. This sounds easy enough, but it is important to use normal stone, not cobblestone which can be more difficult.

  • Obtain Iron Ore

    One iron bar is all we need, so that’s it. It’s easy to spot the ore in both caves and ravines. It might also be visible on the sides of hills or mountains. It might be hidden in a hillside or mountain side. You can then mine your way down to find it. This is one of the most common ores in the game.

  • Incorporate an iron bar

    You only need one iron rod to make the stonecutter. furnaceGet it!

  • Get Stone

    Now we only need stone. There are a couple ways to get this stone. It is possible to mine this enchantment if you own a pickaxe that has the Silk Touch enchantment. Otherwise, you can smelt cobblestone in the furnace. Cobblestone can be mined with any pickaxe. Three stones are required in total.

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  • Make the Stonecutter

    Now that we have all the ingredients, we can just follow the recipe! Place the iron bar in middle of your recipe. crafting tableLine the bottom with three stones to make a Stonecutter.Crafting recipe for a stonecutterCrafting recipe for a stonecutter

  • Stone objects can now be made much more easily. You can simply drop in the desired resource and get a list with all the options.

    Pick the one you like and make as many of it as you’d like! This makes it much easier, especially if there are specific numbers you need or you don’t want the task of constantly shaping blocks.