Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, has brought some robots into Fortnite. These robots are usually not very friendly to players unless you convince them to join your team. Although this is possible, you will need some weapons to do it. We’ve dealt with these robots for weeks now, but we have to do something different. That’s to make them want to perform a move.

How to get Stark Robots to Dance

First, knock down a Stark Robot to make it dance in Fortnite. This can be done by simply shooting them from afar or throwing grenades at the robots. You can then hack them once they have fallen. This process can take some time so be careful. After they have been hacked they will fight you. If you activate an emote, they will dance with you. This is all they need to do to get them dancing. Just use an emote to make it happen.

Stark Robot in FortniteStark Robot in Fortnite

Stark’s Robots can also be found at several locations. You can also visit the Stark Industries POI which has mostly replaced Frenzy Farms. There are quite some of them in the area. But be careful not to get sucked into by Iron Man. He’ll make you very unhappy if you’re not paying attention. You can also visit the Quinjet plane locations, which spawn every round. If you’re playing in Team Rumble, the bots won’t show up.

Some people have suggested that a Boogie Bomb could be used to make these robots dance. However, I am not sure if that will work. We will see if the challenge is accepted once it becomes available. Hacking the robot is easier than finding a Boogie Bomb. But, to each his own.

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The rest of week 5’s challenges can be found below. You can find a complete guide to them all here here.


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