How to make a Smoker in Minecraft

How to make a Smoker in Minecraft

A Minecraft item that is similar to a furnace can cook food much faster than a furnace. This is the Smoker. Here’s how to make it in Minecraft. 

How to make a Minecraft Smoker

Four wood planks and a furnace are required to make a Minecraft smoker. Place them all on a crafting surface following the pattern. Eight cobblestone will be needed for the furnace. For the wood planks you can simply chop down trees.

You can find stone anywhere in your world. Simply find a cave or mountain and dig down. Then, use a pickaxe to extract any stone blocks that you find. With a wood axe, you can chop down trees to obtain the wood planks.

Once you have all the materials required, make the furnace by first placing the stone on the crafting table according to the above pattern. Next, you will need to make the wood planks. This is done by simply placing the logs of wood you have gathered in a crafting area. 

Follow the crafting guide at the top once both the furnace & wood planks have been made. Once you have created the furnace and wood planks, follow the crafting pattern at the top of this guide. But what do you do with a smoker in Minecraft? The simple answer is that Minecraft Smoker can cook all meats at the same time as a furnace but at a quicker rate. Here’s a complete list of all the food you can make with a Smoker. 

  • Baked Potato
  • Dried Kelp
  • Steak
  • Porkchop cooked
  • Grilled chicken
  • Cooked Rabbit
  • Cooked Cod
  • Sausages boiled
  • Mutton cooked in a sauce
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