How to make a Slime farm in Minecraft

How to make a Slime farm in Minecraft

Slimeballs can be used to make Sticky Pistons and Leads as well as Magma Cream and Slime Blocks. Slimes are a rare mob, so it is worth building a Slime farm to increase your ability to gather Slimeballs.

You can build a Slime Farm by following these steps: First, find a Slime Chunk and dig it out. Next, make platforms for the Slimes spawn. Finally, you will have a way to kill the Slimes and collect the Slimeballs. It can be difficult and dangerous to build it. You’ll want to have plenty of Totems of Undying, know how to Water Bucket clutchYou must have a method to prevent fall damage, mobs and other similar threats from killing you.

Find a slime chunk and start mining it!

You’ll first want to take a look at find a Slime ChunkThen, extract the whole Chunk. Two complete Chunks, which were located next to each other in the examples, are mined.

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This is by far the most tedious part of the whole process. If you have any tools for peeding up the process, like a Beacon or highly enchanted Pickaxes, you’ll definitely want to use these. To reach the first level of Bedrock, you will need to dig all the way down. Slimes spawn between Y-level 0 and 40 in a Slime Chunk, so you’ll need to get down to that level. 

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Create platforms for slimes to spout

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Using Slabs placed on the bottom side of a block, you’ll want to create a base for your spawner. You will need to build this at the level just below Bedrock. It’s also advisable to fill in any Bedrock spaces so smaller Slimes can’t spawn below your spawner. This will prevent mobs of spawning.

Then, starting from Y-level 8, you’ll need to create a platform with Slabs. This platform will be a spawning platform. The Slabs must be placed on top of each block. This will allow slimes to spawn. You can build an additional platform for every 2.5 blocks. The slab should always be on the top of each block. 

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These areas should be lit up as much as you can. Slimes can spawn in high light levels, but other mobs can’t, meaning you’ll prevent any non-Slime mobs from spawning. I’ve used Torches, but using Jack o lanterns or Sea Lanterns will work well because Slimes can spawn on both of these blocks. There should be a 3-block gap between the platforms’ edges. Here Slimes can be harvested.

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Establish a slime harvesting zone

Using Magma Blocks, you’ll need to create a killing floor on the same level as the first spawning platform. End result: Slimes will fall onto the Magma Blocks and be damaged. 

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To cause the Slimes to walk off, they’ll need bait. Make alcoves at the platform edges and place Iron Golems into each one. Block them off with Slabs so they can’t escape and so that Slimes can’t hurt them. If a Slime is within 16 blocks of a Villager, Player, or Iron Golem, they’ll try and attack them, so the Slimes will move towards the Iron Golems, fall, and be killed.

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Gathering the Slime

Beneath the Magma Blocks, you’ll have to gather the Slimeballs using Hopper Minecarts. Hopper Minecarts pick up a block above and through a single layer of blocks, meaning they’ll gather the Slimeballs that are generated when Slimes die on the magma.

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This is possible by creating a track with Powered Rails, and a Hopper on top of a Chest to collect Slimeballs. Once this is done, add any additional features you want to your farm, such as elevators, more lighting, decoration, etc., and you’ll have a fully functional Slime farm. Enjoy!

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