How to make a Shulker Box in Minecraft

How to make a Shulker Box in Minecraft

Shulker Boxes can be used for storage and transportation in Minecraft. They look similar to Chests in that they both have 27 slot storage. Shulker Boxes are even more useful than Chests because they have one advantage: Shulker Boxes can be used for other purposes.

When normal chests are destroyed they release all contents. Shulker Boxes are not like this. Shulker Boxes will store every item withinEven if it failsThese items can be picked-up and placed in 1 slot of your Inventory. Shulker Boxes allow you to transport 27x more items per slot. This is why they are so useful for travelling.

What you will need

Here are the essentials for crafting a Shulkerbox:

  • 2x Shulker Shells
  • 1x Chest

How to make a Shulker box

Put 2x Shulker Shells in a Crafting Table. The middle slot should have the Chest. Place the Chest in the middle slot. See image.

Additional Information

How to obtain Shulker Shells

Shulker shells cannot be obtained by killing Shulker mobs. These enemies are found in End Cities. Elytra flying itemIt is also found. End Cities look like tower fortresses. There are many Shulkers within these towers that can be defeated.

Shulkers have a 50% chance to drop Shulker Shells if they die. You can increase the chance of this happening by carrying a sword. Looting enchantment.Your enchanted looting sword should be at least Level 3.—the maximum enchantment level—which will raise the Shulker Shell drop rate from 50% to a 68.75% chance.

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How to dye Shulker boxes

Shulker boxes can be dyed in any color once they are made. Simply place the ShulkerBox and your dye choice into a Crafting Table.

This process can be reversed if you don’t like the new color. To begin, fill a large container with water. Then equip your dyed Shulker Box. After you have completed the above steps, click Right-click on the cauldron to change the color of the dyed Shulker Box.

Additional FAQs

  • Pickaxes are the fastest way to dismantle a Shulker box.
  • Shulker boxes can be stored in any other container than those for Shulker boxes.
  • Shulker Boxes can be pushed with a piston, or blown up with an explosion to make them drop.