How to make a potion of strength in Minecraft

How to make a potion of strength in Minecraft

Sometimes swinging your sword isn’t enough. Minecraft offers the possibility to improve your swings. One trip to the nether should get you all of the materials you need, things like Glowstone, Blaze powder, Blaze rods, and Nether wart.

All materials you will need to make your Strength Potion

  • Stone
  • Blaze rods
  • Nether wart
  • Blaze powder
  • Redstone
  • Glowstone
  • Water bottles

How to make your Brewing Stand and your potions

Once you’ve obtained all of your materials, you can start brewing by creating your Brewing stand. This can be constructed by placing three Cobblestone blocks in a straight line with a Blaze rod in the top middle box of your crafting table.

Next, you’ll need to generate energy for your Brewing station. This is made by breaking down a Blaze rod in your inventory or crafting table—simply place the rod into the crafting slot and you’ll have the option to receive two Blaze powders. You will be able to make twenty potions with just one Blaze powder. Simply place it in the top slot of your Brewing station.

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Next, you’ll want to place your three Water bottles. These can be put into the bottom three slots on your stand. After that, place your Nether wart into the top slot and let it brew. In a couple of seconds, you will have three Awkward potions.

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After you’ve brewed your Awkward Potions, take your extra Blaze Powder and place it into the slot at the top. After waiting a few seconds, your brand new Strength Potions will be done.

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How to make Strength Potions stronger

While most people would be content with the Strength Potion alone, some Strength Potions can be enhanced with Redstone to give them an even longer effect time and a longer duration. Glowstone can be used to buff your potion with Strength 2.

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