How to make a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft

How to make a Potion of Invisibility in Minecraft

The hit game Minecraft, Potions are crucial and may be the only thing that keeps you alive in dangerous situations. We will be showing you how to make Potions of Invisibility.

How to make a Potion for Invisibility

One Potion of Nightvision (3.00), one fermented spider eyes, and one blaze powder are required to make a Potion of Invisibility. A brewing stand is also required. To make one, you’ll need three cobblestone blocks as well as a blaze rod. 

Once you have made it, place it on a surface in the house. Next, move on to step 2. Once you have placed the brewing stand on the table, open it and place the blaze powder there. The blaze powder will melt and turn the stand into a power source.

Next, place your potion and fermented Spider Eye in the slots indicated above. Your Potion of Invisibility will then be ready after a while. As we mentioned, it is important to first know where to find the necessary items before you can create your Potion Of Invisibility. Continue reading to learn more. 

 How to make a Nightvision Potion

We have already mentioned that the Potion of Nightvision is the first item required to make an Invisibility potion. You will require the following materials to make a Nightvision potions:

  • Nether Wart You can obtain this material from nether fortresses that are inside the Nether. 
  • Golden Carrot: To make a To make a gold carrot, you’ll need an average carrot along with eight nuggets of gold. To make the carrot gold, place it in the middle of a crafting surface and surround it with nuggets.
  • Water BottleA glass bottle is required to make a water bottle. You will need three glasses to fill the top left and right slots of a crafting table. The third glass should be in the middle. Take the glass bottle to a water source such as a river or lake and right-click to refill it.
  • Blazepowder: Blazepowder is made from Blazerods found in the Nether.
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After you have collected all four materials, put them back on your stand. Start by placing the Blazepowder the same way as before. Then, place the water bottles in the left slot of the sand. After you’ve done this, place the wart into the top space. Wait for the wart to finish cooking. Then, add the golden carrot to the slot that is empty. The Nightvision potion will be completed once the carrot has been cooked by the brewing stand.

How to make Fermented Spider Eyes

Fermented Spider Eye requires that you kill spiders to get the normal eyes from them. Along with that, sugar and one brown mushrooms will be required. 

Sugar cane plants can be used to quickly make sugar. To make sugar cane, simply place the sugar can anywhere on a crafting table. Side note: These plants can also be found along beaches or along rivers, so make sure to search for them if ever you need more.

To find brown mushrooms, search for a forest. They will be under trees that have a lot of shade. Once you have the shrooms, return to your base. Place everything in the above pattern. Once you have made the fermented Spider eyes, return to the guide and follow these steps to create the Potion of Invisibility.