How to make a Flower Pot in Minecraft

How to make a Flower Pot in Minecraft

Pots can be used to decorate your home with flowers or plants. Although Flower Pots aren’t practical, they can add visual appeal to any space that you desire. This tutorial will show you how to create a Minecraft Pot.

How to make your own flower pot

First, find clay and heat it in a fire to make a pot. Next, use bricks to make the pot! Below, we’ll show you how to make a pot.

Step 1: Find Clay

Clay is a resource natural that can be found at the bottom of lakes and rivers. It forms a diamond-shaped pattern, which looks something like this.

Example of clay spawn patternExample of clay spawn pattern

Swamps are a great place to find clay spawns. Clay is a gray-ish, light colored block. Here is an example of what clay looks like underwater.

Clay block exampleClay block example

The shovel is the fastest way to harvest it, but you don’t need one. Each block should yield four clay balls each, giving you one brick.

Step 2: Make the bricks

We now have our clay. need a FurnaceTo heat them up, you can use any fuel. This includes planks or logs, charcoal, and coal. To receive the brick, place your fuel and Clay Balls in the furnace.

Clay ball smelting into brickClay ball smelting into brick

Three bricks are needed to make one pot. Make as many of them as you need to make all the pots.

Step 3: Create the pot

You now have all the bricks that you need, add three to your Crafting TableIn the following positions

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Crafting recipe for a potCrafting recipe for a pot

Once you are done, grab your Pot from the box to the right.

How to use a pot

Simply place the Pot wherever you want and add whatever plant you wish inside. You can put flowers, bamboo saplings or mushrooms inside the Flower Pot. Here’s an example how they will look.

Flower Pot plant examplesFlower Pot plant examples

To remove something from the Pot you can simply target it and click the interact button!