How to Make a PC in Pixelmon

How to Make a PC in Pixelmon

In the popular Pokémon game franchise, PCs are used to store Pokémon you can’t carry along with you. Pixelmon PCs are the same. We will be showing you how to make one with a Crafting Table.

How to Make a PC with Pixelmon

While crafting a PC is easy, getting the ingredients can be challenging. First, we’ll show you the recipe. Next, we’ll give you some tips about how to get each ingredient.

You will need these ingredients to make a PC.

  • 6 x Aluminum Plates
  • 1 x Glass Pane
  • 1 x Redstone Lamp
  • 1 x Redstone

Once you have the above ingredients, you can open a craft table and place them into the crafting slots as shown in the picture below.

PC Recipe in pixelmon.PC Recipe in pixelmon.

It is easy to craft a PC, as with any other item. Obtaining certain ingredients can prove difficult. The list below will show you how to make each item.

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  • Aluminum Plates: These can be crafted via hammering at an Anvil or from Pokémon drops. The Pokémon that drop Aluminum Plates are listed below.
    • Bronzor
    • Bronzong
    • Klingklang
    • Magneton
    • Skarmory
    • Togedemaru
  • Redstone Lamp: These can be crafted in the same manner as a normal Minecraft game, or they can be found at Pokémon Centers.
  • Redstone Dust: This is a product of deep underground mining, similar to Minecraft.
  • Glass Pane: These can also be made in the exact same way as any other Minecraft game.

Once you have built your PC, you will be able to change its color using dye. To change the color, simply hold the dye in the active inventory slot.

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