How to Make a Nether Portal with Lava and Water in Minecraft

How to Make a Nether Portal with Lava and Water in Minecraft

We understand. It can be difficult to find diamonds. Map seeds can be bad at naturally producing diamonds close to your spawn point. You want to reach the Nether early in order to get potions brewing. Potions are a must in this dangerous world. You are in luck. Below is a guide that will help you make a Nether portal without any diamonds.

How to make a nether portal with water and lava in Minecraft

This is a clever little hack that exploits the game mechanics, regardless of your motivation. This is how professionals play! Pros use clever tricks to get the edge and the most valuable loot. Let’s go over the steps. There aren’t many.

Step One: Get Iron & Water

To complete this task, you’ll need at least seven iron. You first need two buckets and one Flint and Steel. Once you have made your bucket, fill it up with water. For the rest, you will only need one bucket. After you get to this point, all you need is a small amount of water.

Step 2: Make a wall near a Lava Pool

A basic dirt wall in Minecraft.A basic dirt wall in Minecraft.

It is not uncommon to find lava pools, so it shouldn’t take too long to find one. Only one thing is required: it must contain at least 10 lava sources blocks. Anything less than this will prevent you from creating a Nether Portal. After you find a lava lake, walk at least fifteen blocks away. It’s best to place it at least 15 blocks away so that water doesn’t accidentally spill into the lava pool, turning it into Obsidian. Make a wall measuring four by five blocks in width and five blocks tall. Remove the blocks to the left.

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Step 3: Create the Portal

Quick placement of water over lava in Minecraft.Quick placement of water over lava in Minecraft.

You can copy the above image to create your portal. To quickly switch between the buckets, ensure that they are located next to each other in your item bar. Next, fill the bucket with lava. Then fill the two holes in the ground with lava and then put water on top of them. The lava will be transformed into Obsidian blocks. Keep going until you reach the final spot. Here’s an example.

Quick placement of water over lava in MinecraftQuick placement of water over lava in Minecraft

Once you’ve completed the above for each space, you’ll be ready to use Flint and Steel on Obsidian and light the Nether Portal. You saved time by not searching for diamonds. Although you might be running in the Nether, it is important not to rush!

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