How to make a moving car in Minecraft

How to make a moving car in Minecraft

Slime Blocks have been used by players to create functional vehicles ever since they were introduced. The most common vehicle build is the car. We will be showing you how to create a Minecraft car that allows you to travel forward and backward.

The functionality of this car is limited because advanced car mechanics like steering and acceleration are not possible in Minecraft. It can be used to move around in a lazy but slow manner, to show off your friends or as a hovercraft, to avoid the mobs.

The Car

Step One: Find the materials you need.

To build the car, you will need these resources.

  • 2 x Sticky Pistons
  • 2 x Observers
  • 11 x Slime Blobs
  • 4 x Wheel Building Blocks (Black Wool is the best)
  • 1 x Body Building Block (your choice).
  • 1 x Flint & Steel

Step 2: Install the wheels.

The four wheel blocks should be placed in the following pattern. The space should be three by three squares with no blocks touching each other. Although technically these wheels are not necessary, they enhance the design and make the space look more car-like.

Screenshot taken by

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Step Three: Place the slime block

All 11 slime blocks can be placed next. It is easier to arrange them in the order in which they are shown in the picture below. The Sticky Pistons and Slime Blocks are required to move the car.

Screenshot taken by

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Step 4: Place the Observers and sticky pistons.

Place the remaining pieces in the order in which they appear in the image. It is mandatory that these objects are placed in the correct order. The Observers should be placed so that they face downward. The Sticky Piston at the rear of the car should face the back. The Sticky Piston in its middle must face the front. Place the block of solid material in the space between the Sticky Piston and the Sticky Piston.

Screenshot taken by

Step Five: Control your car.

This is the hardest part of the car. It can get a little glitchy if it’s not timed correctly. The Observer must be ignited in order to make the car move forwards or backwards. You can also ignite the Observer to stop it from moving. This allows the Observer, which detects a change repeatedly, to send a temporary signal the Sticky Pistons. It will force them to retract and extend.

Screenshot taken by

Optional Sixth Step: Decorate your car.

Only one block is required: the block at the car’s side. You can put any other block on the Slime Blocks, and the car will bring it along when it moves. But it must touch the Slime Block. It cannot be connected to the car by any solid block or placed on the corner of a Slime Block.

This is how to make a Minecraft moving car!

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