How to make a Minecraft weakness potion?

How to make a Minecraft weakness potion?

A brewing stand, one eye and some blaze to power the stand are required in order to create a potion containing weakness in Minecraft.

A brewing stand is not necessary if you do not have three cobblestones or one blazerod.

You can obtain the blaze rods that you need from the blazes that spawn in a nether, often around fortresses. Also, you can mine cobblestone with at least a pickaxe or higher.

After you have all the ingredients, simply place them in the same way as we did in our photo above. Now you just need to make some spider eyes. You can use the blaze rods to make the powder.

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You will need to find and kill spiders in Minecraft in order to get your spider eyes. Spiders can be found both in caves and in the nighttime overworld.

However, you won’t get the chance to kill them as they will not be able see you. You will have to get a sword with looting enchantment instead.

Looting will increase the drop mobs’ ability to dye. If you want spider eyes, then get on your sword. Once you have your spider eyes, take them to the table, add the powder and a water bottle. Finally, get the spider eye!

You can also use the glass blocks to make a water container. These glass blocks can be used to make a craft table.

This will create a glass bottle. Now, take the glass bottle to a water source to refill it. The bottle will become a water bottle by being filled. Once you’re done, your bottle will become a water bottle.

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