How to Make a Minecraft Water Elevator

How to Make a Minecraft Water Elevator

Since Redstone’s first appearance in Alpha, Minecraft has been a popular platform for players to create elevators. The fastest way to go up is with automatic water elevators, thanks to new mechanics.

How to Make a Minecraft Water Elevator

You will need several blocks to create a safe, functioning elevator. The most important are Magma Blocks and Soul Sand. The Magma Block creates bubbles within your water elevator to make you go up. The Soul Sand creates bubbles inside your water elevator to make you move upwards, while the Magma Block creates a bubble in your water elevator to make you go downward.

We’ve shown you how to use the blocks below to create an elevator that lets you go up or down. You don’t have to follow our pattern. You can be creative with your elevator! You will only need to follow the Soul Sand up and the Magma Block down.

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Step One: Create the Walls

To build walls for your elevator, you can use any kind of block. To make it easier to understand, we used glass to build ours.

The pattern for the water elevator walls.The pattern for the water elevator walls.

You can see the basic pattern you should use to create your walls in the image above. Start by creating a circle around a block section of two-by-2 blocks. Then, build up! Your elevator can be as tall as your heart desires, but make sure that every wall is the same height. You can build your elevator as high as you want, up to 30 blocks tall.

Step Two: Make the base

This step involves two parts. You will first need to create an archway that measures two blocks in height by two blocks in width on one side.

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The required elements of the water elevator at the base.The required elements of the water elevator at the base.

After you’ve done this, place signs outside the archway as shown in the photo above. These signs will hold the water you’ll be using in Step Three. Four signs are required.

You will need to place the Magma Blocks or Soul Sand in the second part. You can refer to the above image for guidance. Two Magma Blocks, two Soul Sand Blocks, are placed at the bottom.

This will allow for seamless transition between going up and down in the elevator. You can still separate the two sections to make your elevator cleaner.

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Step 3: Place the water

The Base of a Water Elevator with water placed.The Base of a Water Elevator with water placed.

For this step, you will need many water source blocks. Grab two water buckets after you have placed the Magma Blocks, Soul Sand and Soul Sand. Place one Water Bucket on each of the four blocks at its base. Then, place the second Water Bucket in the corner. This will create an inexhaustible water supply, from which you can collect water to reach the next level.

This is where you will repeat the above steps on each level in your water elevator. This is because the bubbles created with the Soul Sand or Magma Blocks work only on Water Source blocks and not running water.

You can fill your Bucket on each level by filling it with the Water Source located below. It will then be filled from the two Water Sources that are next to it. You can do the same thing as before and place another water source on the corner opposite to the one you just put. Now you will have water on a second level. Continue this process until your elevator reaches the top.

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After you’ve done this, you will be able to build a simple (and very efficient!) water elevator. Water elevator that works! You can modify the blocks around the elevator to make it more beautiful or more extravagant. The Magma Blocks, Soul Sand and the Soul Sand must be at the bottom of your elevator.

Step Four: Add multiple floors (optional)

An extra floor on a water elevator.An extra floor on a water elevator.

You can modify the elevator to add additional floors to your base. You can place signs outside the elevator just like on the ground floor. As you go up or down, you can walk to the exit for that floor. This is a great way to get to a particular floor within your base.

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