How to make a Minecraft LAN server

How to make a Minecraft LAN server

It’s a great way to play Minecraft with your friends and family by setting up a LAN server. There are some things you need to know about Minecraft servers before we get started. This guide will help you understand what a LAN Server is, how to setup a Minecraft LAN Server, and the differences between Minecraft Realms multiplayer server and Minecraft LAN server.

Note: This guide was created for Minecraft: Java Edition gamers, which can be found on PC, MacOS, Linux, and MacOS.

What is a Minecraft LAN Server?

A local area network server (LAN) is a Minecraft world hosted by one computer. To join the LAN server, players must have the same Internet connection as the host. This means: All players must be in the same locationTo play together on a LAN Server.*

There are several ways that a LAN server can host players from different locations. Port forwarding is one option. However, this is a complicated process with the potential for many errors to occur, so I don’t recommend this as an option.

*The host’s home internet connection must also be strong enough to support multiple players at the same time.

What are Minecraft Realms?

If players from different countries wish to play on the same Minecraft Server, they should use Minecraft Realms. Servers (also known as Realms) are virtual worlds that you can play in online with up to 10 of your friends. Realms can be accessed from anywhere, so even if the host leaves, other players may continue to play in the world. 

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Unfortunately, Minecraft Realms isn’t a free service. This multiplayer service comes with a monthly charge.

How to set up a Minecraft LAN server

First, you need to decide whether you’re creating a new world or using an existing one. Launch the world once it is created. Press ESC on your keyboard. Click on “Open to LAN.” Decide which game mode (Creative, Survival, Hardcore) you want. You can also disable or turn cheats off. Click “Start LAN World.” That’s all you have to do as the host.

As with the other players, make sure you’re all connected to the internet. Launch Minecraft, then click Multiplayer. The Minecraft LAN Server should appear automatically. Make sure the LAN server is highlighted and click “Join Server.” 

And that’s all there is to it! You can impress your friends by doing this before you get together. new Minecraft skin