How to make a healing potion in Minecraft

How to make a healing potion in Minecraft

You will need to have healing potions if you are going to face some of the more difficult monsters. Minecraft. You should consider crafting some in the game. It is easy once you learn how. 

For a detailed tutorial on how you can make Healing potions, continue reading below Minecraft.

How to make Healing Potions

A brewing stand is required to create a healing potion. Once you have your brewing stand set up, you can start making healing potions using the following materials.

  • Melon Slices
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Blaze Rod
  • Water Bottle

Blaze rod is the first material that you’ll need to make Blaze powder for the stand. Simply place the rod in a crafting table, and then pull out the material from the crafting output. 

If you don’t know where you can find Blaze rods you can order them from BlazesYou can find them in the Nether. You will then need Nether warts. These, if not already known, can be found in the Nether inside what are called Nether castles. If you are looking for Blazes to hunt, make sure to check the Nether fortresses.

Once you have obtained Nether Warts, you will need Melon Slices in order to make Glistering Melons. Melon Slices can be obtained by harvesting Melon plants. You can also find Melon in jungle biomes or savanna villages if you don’t own any. 

You can slice the slices and make Glistering Melons from them. But you’ll need some gold nuggets. You can get the nuggets from mining gold and crafting them into ingots. Then, you can place them on a crafting table to make them into nuggets. After you have the nuggets, cut a Melon slice into them to turn them into Glistering Melons.

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After melons and nuggets, you’ll need a water container. To make a water bottles, you need to first prepare a glass bottle. You will need three glass blocks to craft a bottle. One in each of the slots at the top left and right of a crafting board, and one in the middle. You can then take the bottle to a water source such as a pond, river, or lake and right-click to refill it.

After you have obtained the water bottle, you can make healing potions. Once you have all the materials needed to make a healing potion, arrange them in this order.

Place the Blaze powder into the slot as shown. Wait for it to melt before moving on to the next step.

Once the Blaze powder is melted, place your water bottle in the left slot. The wart can be placed in the top space. Wait for them to finish.

After the wart has finished cooking, take the melon out and place it in exactly the same spot as the Netherwart. After the Glistering melon has finished cooking, you’ll be able to make one healing potion. You can make it a splash potion by placing the healing potion in the last slot and one gunpowder at the top.