How to make a Glow Stick in Minecraft Education Edition

How to make a Glow Stick in Minecraft Education Edition

The following items are required to create a glowstick in Minecraft Education Edition. 

  • 20 Carbon
  • 30 Hydrogen
  • Three Nitrogen
  • Four Oxygen
  • One dye (can also be any color) 

The next step is to convert all these materials into six Polyethylenes, one Hydrogen Peroxide and one Luminol. To make it easier to get all these materials, we recommend that you be creative.

Begin with the Polyethylene. Place ten carbons and 20 hydrogens in your compound creator. This will enable you to convert both chemicals into Polyethylene.

You will need the following materials to make the Luminol that you require:

  • Seven Hydrogen
  • Eight Carbon
  • Three Nitrogen
  • Two Oxygen

You can now make Hydrogen Peroxide by adding two Hydrogen and two oxygen to the compound creator. After you have all the materials, arrange them as shown in the image below. 

Begin by placing the Polyethylene along the rows that run down. Next, place the dye on the right and left rows, moving down. Next, place the Luminol and Hydrogen Peroxide in the top slots. Once you are done, you can create a glowstick in Minecraft Educational Edition.

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