Roblox’s GFXs are an eye-catching, fun way to display imagery. Although it can be time-consuming and intimidating to create one, it is actually quite easy if you are willing to make a few mistakes and learn from them. We’ll show you how to create a Roblox beginner’s GIFX.

Necessary Websites and Software

It is important that all the software below be downloaded on your computer. Also, ensure you have the websites and the necessary files to facilitate a smooth workflow.

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Exporting your Character

First, export your Roblox avatar to Roblox. These are the steps:

  • Open Roblox Studio, and then open a Baseplate map.
  • Once it fully loads, click the Play button in the Test section of the menu at the top of the screen.
  • This will allow Roblox to drop your character in the game you think you are building.
    • The game part is not important. It’s simply a way to export your character.
  • From here, look on the right side of the screen for the Explorer menu.
  • Inside of this menu, you should see the submenu titled Workspace next to a small earth icon.
  • To expand the options of this submenu, click on it. From the drop-downs you will see your avatar’s username.
  • Right-click on this name and click Cut; this should remove your avatar’s name from the submenu.
  • Head back up to the main menu at the top of the screen and click Stop to stop the game’s test
  • Once the game has stopped running, right-click and select Paste anywhere on the game’s map to re-add your character into the game, or press command V or control V.
  • Now all you have to do is repeat steps four through seven, except instead of right-clicking and selecting Cut, and you’ll want to click Export Selection.
  • Your Finder or File Explorer will open from here and you can save your new character export.
  • Save the file where it is easy to find.
  • Blender (Importing).

  • Open Blender.
  • Right-click on the cube located in the center of the workspace, and then press Delete.
  • Navigate to the top of your screen and click File, Import, Wavefront (.obj).
  • This will open Blender’s File Explorer or Finder.
  • Locate the Roblox Studios file that was just exported.
    • It should be a.obj file
  • Look for the Geometry submenu to the right before you import.
  • To expand the submenu, click on it. Next, choose Split by Group from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Import OBJ.
  • Blender Controls

    Here are some basic controls to help you navigate Blender before we move on:

    • Hold the scroll wheel while moving the mouse around to adjust the camera for your character.
    • To move the window completely, press (Shift+Scroll wheel) while you move the mouse.
    • Scroll up and down with the mouse to zoom in or out

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    Blender Cont. (Movement)

    After your character is imported and you are familiar with the movement of the program, it’s now time to move on.

  • You may not be able to see your new character, but it’s okay.
  • The creation plane window’s top right corner should have a tri-colored cross-looking Icon. Four circles above the icon will say Viewport Shading.
  • Click on the third circle directly above the blue Z of the colorful cross.
  • Now your character should have its original color back.
  • The next step is moving your character around.
  • Click and drag your mouse over your character to select it all.
  • Locate the Object button at the top of the window.
  • Click on Set Origin in the drop-down menu, and hover over it until you see the next submenu.
  • Click on Origin to Center of Mass.
  • Click on a body part to bring up the Transform icon.
    • This will allow you to easily identify the parts that need adjustment.
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  • Click on any body part to adjust its size, position, rotation, etc.
  • This guide can be used to practice rotation. Rotate both arms of your character so they reach the top of their heads.
  • To rotate the entire arm and not just a portion of it, click on the desired part, then press Shift and click on other parts.
    • You will be able fully to manipulate your entire arm once you have selected the forearm, hand, and upper arms of your character.
  • Blender Cont. (Lighting)

    These are optional steps and will be determined based on your preference. But, you’ll learn how to adjust Blender lighting and get the best Roblox rendering.

  • Return to the four circles at the top of the creation plane window, where you selected the third circle earlier.
  • You’ll now want to choose the fourth circle.
    • This viewport will allow you to see how your Roblox character looks once it has been rendered.
  • Once you have selected the fourth circle, navigate the menu to the right of your screen.
    • The words Scene Collection should be at the top right of the menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and look for Light.
  • To turn off the light, click the eyeball icon beside it.
    • You will notice that your avatar becomes more shadowy.
  • Click the Shading section in the main menu at top of screen.
  • This will allow you to see the entire lighting area.
  • To enter the render viewport, click the fourth circle again.
  • You will see a submenu towards the bottom of your creation window. This is where you can place your character floating. You should currently select it as an Object.
  • Click on the submenu and choose World from the dropdown menu.
    • Although you may not notice a difference immediately, that’s perfectly normal.
    • You can simply drag your mouse to the grid area below the creation windows, click in scroll wheel and then move your cursor down until you see two colorful options with lines connecting them.
    • These menus should have the titles Background and World Output.
  • Look for the Add button next to the submenu you have just edited.
  • Move your mouse over Texture to click Environment Texture.
  • You will see a new menu in the grid below. Click anywhere on the grid to place it.
  • Click on Open to access the new Environmental Texture menu.
  • Open your Blender program files, and then select the datafiles directory.
  • Choose Studio Lights, World, and then the forrest.exr files from within the folder.
    • This will give you a premade lighting rig.
  • Click the dot beside Color in the Environmental Texture menu, then click on the dot near Surface on the World Output Menu.
    • It was necessary to create a line linking the two menus.
  • After the lighting has been added to your render viewport click Layout to return to your original creation pane window.
  • You will notice that the forest background follows your character back from Layout. You can hide this background by clicking on the Render Properties button in the menu right above the ride.
    • The icon for this option will look something like the back camera of a digital camera. It is situated between a tool icon, and a printer icon.
  • Find the Film drop-down in this submenu and click the box next Transparent.
    • This will hide the forest background from our view.
  • The final step is to return to the Light setting we have turned off in steps 3 through 5.
    • For a refresher, go back through these steps!
  • You can drag and turn the Light in any way you like.
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    Exporting from a Blender

    We can now export and view our final creation in Blender. Below are the steps to position your character and save it.

  • Before we can export and save our Robloxian, it is important to position the camera in order for Blender to recognize what image we are trying to capture.
  • The option to toggle the camera view is located on the right side of screen, below the colorful cross.
    • The icon will be an old-fashioned camera.
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  • Now, a dotted square should appear on your screen.
  • You can extend the camera view menu by clicking the small arrow tab located next to the Z in a colorful cross and then dragging it to your left.
  • Click the View tab at the side of your extended menu. Checkmark the box next Lock Camera To View.
    • This will give you the ability to use the controls mentioned above to position your character in the camera view square however desired.
  • You can adjust the square to suit your needs.
  • Click the Render tab at the top of your screen, then choose Render Image from drop-downs.
    • You will see a pop-up window that displays a preview of the image.
  • Click Image in the popup’s menu and select Save As.
  • Name the new image as you wish and save it in an easy-to-reach location on your computer.
  • To save the Blender file, close out the image rendering pop-up. Click the File tab at the top of your screen. Choose Save As from this submenu.
  • Canva GFX: How to create a GFX

    Once our Roblox character has been exported as an image, in the position that we desire, we can then create our graphic in Canva.

  • Go to the Canva website.
  • Register or log in to an existing account.
  • Click the purple Create an image button at the top left corner.
  • Click the custom size button at bottom of drop-down menu to practice using this guide. Input the dimensions 900×500.
  • Click Create new design.
    • This will take to Canva’s main design pages.
  • This is where creativity begins!
  • You can find a background that will help you get started by clicking the Elements button in the menu at the top of the screen.
  • Click Backgrounds in the top menu.
  • Scroll through all the choices and pick the background you prefer.
    • Some images are free while others require Canva to be purchased.
  • Drag and adjust the background that you have selected to fit the entire white canvas.
  • Click the Uploads button below the Elements option in the menu to the left.
  • Click the purple Upload media button at the top of the Uploads Menu to locate the Roblox image you have just saved to Blender.
  • Select Open.
  • To add the image to your background, click the button below.
  • You can adjust the image to fit your needs.
  • You can add more design to your graphic by returning to the Elements menu and selecting Graphics instead Backgrounds.
  • Once you’ve created your graphics, click on Text from the left menu.
  • You can create a heading or subheading using the font you prefer.
  • Create a heading that reads How to make a GFX with Roblox, and a subheading called Software and guide.
  • You can adjust the text to your taste and add finishing touches to the overall image.
  • When you are finished, locate the gray Download button in upper right corner.
    • You can adjust the image’s size and file type to change from default (.png).
  • Click the purple Download button.
    • Your finished GFX can be saved!
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    End product

    After you’ve done all the above steps you should now have a product that looks like the one below. Roblox offers many options for creating GFX. These videos on YouTube from Mxddsie & Rhett/Mankind provide more detailed visual guides. Although this is not the best or only way to go, it’s a great place to start if you’ve never done something similar.

    Check back for more Roblox guides, content and information from RobloxYou will find this section on our website frequently!


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