How to make a Generator fast in Roblox Bedwars

How to make a Generator fast in Roblox Bedwars

Players often modify the default rules to make custom matches more exciting and fun. Players love to tweak the default rules of the game so that generators can spawn and deliver resources faster than their initial spawn rate. The host must make modifications to the base game to allow generators to spawn resources faster by using the console line to give the appropriate commands.  

Modifying the Resource Generators

As stated earlier, you can modify the base game features using console commands. You can do this by hosting a custom match and accessing the console via the “/”.

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Once the chat command console is open, type /setGeneratorMultiplier 0.0000000000001 in the box and press Enter. The generators will now start producing more resources at a higher rate. The generators will go as high as possible without crashing the custom match servers.

Does it apply only to base Iron Generators?

Once the command has been executed, it is null. Other generators like the Emerald and Diamond will also produce the resource at a higher rate, along with the Iron generators.

These are only valid for custom matches.

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