How to make a Flint and Steel in Minecraft

How to make a Flint and Steel in Minecraft

If you find yourself frequently needing to light a fire, the flint-and-steel is a useful tool. It can also be used to open up the Nether portal, which allows you to see new terrain and monsters. No matter what case it may be, this tutorial will show you how to make a steel and flint.

How to create Flint and Steel

You will need to be there on time 5 minutes.

You will need one piece of iron and one piece folint to make a flint or steel in Minecraft. These supplies should not be difficult to locate, so we’ll give you all the details in our guide.

  • Get Flint

    By digging gravel, you can find Flint almost anywhere on Earth and underground. You can find it by digging gravel. shovelIt is the fastest way to go through gravel. However, you might get flint from digging through it. It is not possible to get it from all blocks, so you might need to shovel a lot to find one.Gravel and flint exampleGravel and flint example

  • Obtain Iron Ore

    We will now need iron ore. This can be found almost anywhere there is stone to mine. You can find ore in both caves and ravines. It might also be visible on the side of a mountain. If it isn’t there, you can mine down until you find it. This is one of the most common ores that you’ll find in the game.

  • Make an Iron Ingot

    We now have our iron ore. Now we need to turn it into iron ingots. This requires the use a furnace! Make sure you have at least one of these and the fuel of your choice. Your iron ore and fuel should be placed at the top of the furnace.

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  • Make the Flint and Steel

    Now that we have all the ingredients, we can just put them together. The flint or iron bar can be placed in any place on your Crafting Table or Crafting Window and it will work fine.Crafting recipe for flint and steelCrafting recipe for flint and steel

  • If you need to heat up or set ablaze, the flint-steel can be used. It is also useful to open up spaces. nether portalYou can explore the darker side Minecraft.