How to make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

How to make a Fishing Rod in Minecraft

You’ll need a fishing rod if you want to find a quick and easy way to get food quickly. They are useful for finding sustainable food sources, as well as catching fish from the water. This step-by-step guide will show you how to make a fishing pole in Minecraft survival

Fishing rods are available in every version of the game: PE, PS4, PC or iOS.

How do you make your own fishing rod?

You will need to be there on time 15 minutes.

We will need three sticks and two pieces string to make a fishing rod for Minecraft. While sticks are not difficult to find, string can be quite tricky.

  • Gather Logs

    If you haven’t already, yourself an AxeYou can then chop down trees and skip some steps. It’s okay to start by punching if you’re just getting started. You can find any tree nearby, and you can gather logs by cutting or punching.Tree trunk exampleTree trunk example

  • Wood Planks

    Open your inventory and place the logs in the crafting area. If you don’t already have a Crafting table, each log will produce four planks. We’ll need seven total.Creating wood planks exampleCreating wood planks example

  • Make a crafting table

    Four of your planks should be used to fill up your crafting space. This will give you a Crafting Table!Crafting recipe for crafting tableCrafting recipe for crafting table

  • Sticks

    We’ll now move to two sticks. Place two wooden planks in your Crafting table or craft area. To make four sticks, stack the planks one on top of another.Crafting recipe for sticksCrafting recipe for sticks

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  • String

    Although string is easy to find, you may need to fight for it. Below are some ways you can get it.

  • Mines have cobwebs

    You can find many in a deserted Mine if you’re close to one. Most mines have a lot of cobwebs, which can be removed by hitting them with your sword. You can almost always find a mine in an area if there is a badlands or savanna biome. Cave spiders can spawn in caves so be aware!

  • Slay spiders for string

    The traditional way to find string is to smack some spiders around, and have them drop it as loot. Look around at night for them. They are often very noticeable with their bright red eyes. A sword is a must, so make sure to have it with you and try to get string.

  • Design the Fishing Rod

    All the necessary ingredients should now be available, so let us put them all together on our Crafting Table. Place the sticks on a diagonal in the grid 3×3. Place two pieces of string to the right in the two empty boxes. This will make the fishing line!

  • Fishing is easy with a brand new fishing rod. Just equip it and cast the line into any body. Then wait for the bobber underwater to get reeled in by the same button as you cast it out!

    Can you fish in Minecraft’s lava?

    Nope, unlike Terraria, you can’t fish in lava in Minecraft. Your lure will sink to the bottom if you throw it into lava. The lure won’t be burned, and the fishing rod won’t catch fire!

    Is fishing in the rain better in Minecraft?

    It is possible to fish in the rain in Minecraft, and it is much more enjoyable than fishing in the ocean! On average, the time it takes to catch a fish decreases by 20%. This is a nice way to save time if you want to catch many fish.

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    How do you bait a fishing rod?

    There is currently no bait available for Minecraft. You can improve your fishing skills by adding the Luck of the Sea Enchantment to your rod. This will improve your chances of catching Treasure Table items. These include bows, enchanted novels, fishing rods and name tags.