How to make a Fence in Minecraft

How to make a Fence in Minecraft

We will be going into detail in this Minecraft tutorial about how to make fences with simple step-by–step instructions. Fencing can be used to keep mobs away from your base or prevent farm animals and other animals from fleeing! It can also be used to create unique furniture.

How to make a fence

You will need wood to make fences in Minecraft. You’ll be guided through the process step-by-step.

Step 1: Chop Some Wood

First, you will need wood! Find a tree of any kind and use an axe or punch to remove it. Once you have gathered enough logs to make a few planks, you can start making them.

Step 2: Create planks

You can create planks by placing the wood in the crafting area of the inventory or into a Crafting Table. You’ll get 4 planks depending on the type of log that you put into each one!

Step 3: Make Sticks

We now need to make some sticks! Your crafting area or Crafting Table will be your place. Place your wood planks, stacked one on top of the other. Each two planks that you add will yield four sticks.

Crafting recipe for sticksCrafting recipe for sticks

Step 4: Install the Fencing

We now have our sticks. Now we need to put them together with some wood planks in order to make the fencing. For this part you will need a Crafting Table. You will now need four wood planks, two sticks, and place them in the following order:

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Crafting recipe for wood fenceCrafting recipe for wood fence

You will receive three wooden fence pieces for every four wood planks you have and two sticks. You can make as many fences as you want for your project.

Step 5: Building the Fence

After you’ve got enough fencing, place it in your toolbar. Place it like any other block by selecting it. As an example, you could shape it into a basic shape such as this.

Wood fence exampleWood fence example

It is likely that you will want to leave at most one block of space so you can put a gate.

Step 6: Build a Wooden Gate

The wooden gate can be made from the same materials as the fencing. Only the only difference is that we use slightly different amounts of planks and sticks. You will need four sticks and two planks of wood for the gate.

Crafting recipe for wooden gateCrafting recipe for wooden gate

You can also make a second gate on the other side of your fence if you wish to provide another route to access.

Step 7: Finish the fence!

You now have a functional fence! You can now start your farm by placing animals in the gate.

Completed wood fence exampleCompleted wood fence example

Fencing is a great way for you to seperate parts of your base. Or just keep mobs out so they can’t attack your animals or yourself.