How to create a custom beatmap in Genshin Impact the Almighty Arataki Great, Glorious Drumalong Festival

How to create a custom beatmap in Genshin Impact the Almighty Arataki Great, Glorious Drumalong Festival

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The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival is a Genshin Impact rhythm game event that runs from From July 13, 2022 to July 4, 2022. You can use seven pre-made beatmaps and create your own beatmaps during the event. All Adventure Rank 30+ players who have completed this event. Ritou Escape Plan part of the Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia are eligible to participate.

How to unlock Genshin Impact’s The Allmighty Arataki Great & Glorious Drumalong Fest

Once you have met all requirements, start the event by going to the event menu. Select The Almighty Arataki Great & Glorious Drumalong Fest. Click Accept the InvitationItto’s correspondence must be read. Then, select Collapse to begin the Event Quest. Continue the dialogue until the Arataki Gang is found on Amakane Island’s isolated coast.

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How to make an advanced beatmap at the Arataki Gang’s Rhythm Game Event, Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact’s beatmap editor lets you create your own version of the music score. It is limited to the songs that were used during the event. Click here to get started Edit Beatmap under your preferred song to open the beatmap editor. There are two options you can choose from: basicAdvanced. This guide will walk you through the basics. Advanced editing features.

Advanced Editing Interface

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Select the desired option after opening the editor Advanced EditingOn the lefthand panel. The menu will expand to a more detailed layout, where you can adjust the position of each note in the music score. It is much simpler than it appears. Here is a breakdown of each component:

  • Music (top of screen, beside Menu)—clicking the play button will play the music and move the score at the bottom, so you can visualize whether the notes are correctly placed.
  • Speed (upper right)—changes the speed of the music to adjust to your editing pace. The actual beatmap however will run at 1x speed.
  • Meter (upper right, under Speed)—changes the number of time signatures in the music score.
  • Music Score (middle)—shows your note placements. Move existing notes left and right to adjust them.
  • Hold and tap to delete (bottom left)—this allows you to select the type of note you want to place in the music score. You can delete unwanted notes by selecting Delete.
  • Undo (bottom right)—undoes your previous action.
  • Trial (bottom right)—allows you to play your work to test it out. You can test your music score even if it isn’t finished.

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How to place notes in the Beatmap

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Start with ChooseYou can choose whether you want a Tap note or a Hold note at the bottom of the screen. Select your preference and click Save. Click here Place the note in the appropriate area of the music score. For Hold notes, click on two areas—one indicates where the note starts and the second indicates where it ends. Remember that notes can only ever be placed onTime signaturesThe vertical lines that make up the music score are referred to as.

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Change the setting to allow for more time signatures Meter The upper right corner of the screen. There are more time signatures, which means that you can place more notes. However, the maximum number of notes is 500. Notes may beMove left or right Click and drag directly on the music score. Click here to remove a note. DeleteClick on the bottom left to select the note that you wish to delete. To determine if the note placements are appropriate, you can listen to the music at the top. Do not forget to TrialYou can use the button at the bottom to check the beatmap before you share it.

How to save, import, and share your Beatmap

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Visit the Menu Click the link in the upper right corner of the screen to select Save from the dropdown to open your Record List. You can own up to two Records (custom beatmaps) at the same time. Make sure to clickSave or Overwrite on one of the Record slots to save your work or you’ll lose it after exiting! Be aware that overwriting an existing Record will cause it to disappear. You can save work that is not finished and start working again. Click here to view a work in process. Import button from the dropdown and select your Record.

You can also share your beatmaps with other users. Click on the Record List link in the Save dropdown. Share. Genshin Impact will produce a Sharing code You can share your work with others. You must reach however. Discantus (any difficulty level) in the event song to receive a Sharing Code.

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