How to make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

How to make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

The Crafting Table is a very popular item in the game. This is a useful tool that you will use when crafting items, weapons, armor, and tools. It is easy to craft and inexpensive, so it is important to know how to make one. Let’s now take a look at the steps to build a Crafting Table.

How to make an Crafting Table

Make a Crafting Table with Minecraft. First, gather wood and turn it into planks. Then, craft the table using your inventory.

Step 1: Gather a wood log

As we are likely to be just starting out, it will be necessary to gather a log of wood. You can do this by simply punching a tree. Although this is a slow process, it can be speeded up by using an axe in the future. We don’t have to do this right now, so we can just punch the tree trunk to gather wood logs.

A single log of wood is all you will need for the Crafting table, but you may want to stock up on wood to make some tools.

Step 2: Create wood planks

Once we have a log of wood, it’s time to make planks. Open your inventory and place the log in the crafting area.

Crafting recipe for wood planksCrafting recipe for wood planks

Each log we put in there gets four planks of lumber, which is exactly what you need. Grab the newly-crafted planks of wood and place them in your inventory or toolbar.

Step 3: Make the crafting table

Keep your inventory handy as you place the four wood planks into the blank areas of the crafting area.

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Crafting recipe for the crafting tableCrafting recipe for the crafting table

Take the Crafting Table out from the crafting box, and place it in your inventory or toolbar.

The Crafting Table

You can use the crafting table for many purposes. The little book next to the grid that you place items on can be used to teach you how to make things. This book will give you the recipes for the things you can create with the resources you have in the past. If the items have a red circle around them, this means that you are missing some or all of the required resources.

To see the requirements and how to craft it, click or tap on the item. The table can also be used to repair weapons and armor damaged by tools. Two damaged items made of the same material can be combined to make one item.

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