How to Make a Conduit in Minecraft

How to Make a Conduit in Minecraft

In Minecraft Version 1.13, the Conduit came to be and was loved immediately by players who enjoy swimming in the game. The Conduit Power status effect, which now applies in rain, has attracted more attention. Swimming is not required!

How to Make Conduits in Minecraft

This article is split into two parts. The first section will demonstrate how to make the Conduit on the crafting table. While the second section will demonstrate how to activate it. If you have the Conduit already and want to activate it, skip to the next section.

Section One: How to make the Conduit

  • Materials. Here are the materials required and an explanation of how to get them.
    • Nautilus Shell x8: These can be obtained in the following ways.
      • Wandering Trader – 5 Emeralds
      • The Death of a Drowned Person
      • Fishing (rare)
    • Heart of the Sea: You can only obtain this by finding a buried treasure located with a Buried Treasure Map. These can be found at sea monuments and shipwrecks.
  • The Recipe. It is very simple. The image is not visible below. You can also craft using a crafting board by placing the eight Nautilus Shells in the Heart of the Sea.

The crafting recipe for the Minecraft ConduitThe crafting recipe for the Minecraft Conduit

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Section Two: How to activate your conduit

The range of the Conduit can be anywhere from 32 blocks to 96 blocks, depending on how many Prismarine Blocks are placed around it. Below is the best way to maximize the Conduit Power’s power. You can activate it by placing the device underwater and surrounding it. You must protect the structure from water if you are building it above water. Let’s take a look at the steps involved in building the Conduit structure. You will need

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The building instructions to activate a Minecraft Conduit.The building instructions to activate a Minecraft Conduit.

  • Step 1: Place nine blocks in an plus sign pattern. Next, place one block at each end.
  • Step Two: Place another block on each block in the second layer, and put a Conduit in the center point. This layer will be a square. Note: Your Conduit Power will activate at this point. However, the full effect of the Conduit Power won’t be realized until you finish the remainder of the structure.
  • Step Three: Mimic the first two layers for the top two layers but in reverse. Follow the pattern in the above image.

You now have an activated conduit and all the effects. However, the Conduit does have its limitations. The Conduit Power is only available if you are under water or in the rain. Conduit power allows you to breathe underwater, have Haste, and see night-vision. You can fight the Elder Guardian if you have one of these close to an ocean monument.

The other features are still available. Minecraft 1.16! Take a look at Crying Obsidian!