How to make a Compass in Minecraft

How to make a Compass in Minecraft

A compass can be used to navigate Minecraft and plot out a map. This tutorial will show you how to create a compass for Minecraft.

How to make a Compass

You will need to be there on time 10 minutes.

Four iron bars and one redstone powder are required to make a Minecraft compass. This shouldn’t be difficult, so we will be providing the exact details in our guide.

  • Obtain Iron Ore

    We will now need iron ore. This can be found almost anywhere there is stone to mine. You can find ore in both caves and ravines. It might also be visible on the side of a mountain. If it isn’t there, you can mine down until you find it. This is one of the most common ores that you’ll find in the game.

  • Make an Iron Ingot

    We now have our iron ore. Now we need to turn it into iron ingots. This will require the use of an iron ingot. furnace! Make sure you have at least one of these and the fuel of your choice. Your iron ore should be at the top, and your fuel should be at the bottom. For the compass to work, you’ll need four of them!

  • Redstone Ore

    This is the most challenging part of creating your compass. Redstone ore generally can only be found deep underground, in layers 15-0. Check your layer number by enabling coordinatesIn your game and looking at Y-coordinate. Redstone ore can only be mined with an iron pickaxe, or better. Make sure you have one!

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  • Redstone Ore can be melted into Redstone Dust

    Once you have your redstone ore we can turn it into redstone powder. You only need one so make or go to your furnace to create it. Add some fuel and the ore to make the dust.

  • The Compass

    Now that we have all the ingredients, it’s time to put them together and make a compass. You will need to place an iron bar at each end of the grid. Add the redstone dust to the middle, and you’ll have a compass.

  • The compass is useful for finding your way around. create an empty or mapWith a marker! These can be very useful in laying out the ground near or around your base.